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Should You Renovate Before Listing Your Home?

Selling a home can be a stressful process, so I've provided some helpful tips to aid in your decision to renovate or not.

When preparing to list your home for sale one of the first things you should do is take a close look at your home’s aesthetic. Start with the kitchen and bathrooms, as those have the biggest impact on a buyer's decision to purchase. Kitchen and bathroom updates can be expensive, so buyers are looking at these areas closely. Is your bathroom dated with dark materials and a dull paint color? Are the lighting and plumbing fixtures old and in need of replacing? If so, some updating may be a good idea.

Sometimes we have a difficult time deciphering what changes should be made when it comes to our own home. We remember how expensive that shower faucet was and we even paid someone to install it! Having a fresh set of eyes to help you assess what should be updated, can be invaluable. Home stagers are experts in this area. After assessing your home you can make an informed decision on whether minor updates need to be completed or if you should consider renovating.

Yes, homes sell without renovating all the time, but homes that have been renovated sell quicker. Also, consulting with your real estate agent and comparing your options should help you determine if a renovation will be the best option. A home that requires updating could sit on the market for 6-12 months because buyers prefer a move-in ready home. Determine what those months of carrying costs are in comparison to a renovation and decide what would be the better option.

If renovation is the answer, the next important step is to make sure you select the right finishes. Choosing the wrong finishes can bring you back to square one, by dating your home. When working with a client who decides to renovate their home, we offer a “Design to Sell” service. We take the guesswork out of choosing the finishes because we know what today’s homebuyer is looking for. We know what grabs their attention when they are scrolling through listings.

In this instance, we helped this homeowner update his master bathroom before listing his house for sale. We determined what materials and fixtures we could leave untouched and we swapped out the rest to achieve an updated look. Take a look at the before pictures of this standard builder grade master bathroom and the after renovation photo.

For this specific project, our homeowner was planning on living in the house for a while, so we added in a few taste specific items. For example, he preferred a Modern Farmhouse style, so we found light fixtures and plumbing fixtures to accommodate his taste.

The yellowing marble countertops were updated with a bright white Quartz. We took down the builder grade mirror for a more custom look, which also warmed the modern look up a bit. We kept the garden tub in place and removed the tub and shower surround. We updated these areas with clean looking modern tile and a simple tile inlay for an accent. The basic shower door was also replaced with a frameless shower glass door for a seamless and spa-like look. We were able to save money by keeping the flooring and cabinets in place. Both materials were neutral and did not take away from updating the overall look of the bathroom.

Finally, we added accessories and decor to help stage the bathroom for photos. This final step is important to create an inviting feel for buyers to walk into. Bathrooms are made up primarily of hard materials, so accenting with soft materials is helpful.

Deciding to renovate before listing is a big decision. Having the right team in place will help you confidently make this decision. When you consult with trusted professionals, you will find what works best for your situation. Real Estate and Home Staging professionals, who have your best interest at heart, will find ways to save you money and achieve your home sale goals.

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